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Cavan Town Rental Location

Thanks to e Car Rentals, visitors to Cavan can enjoy the convenience of exploring Ireland’s ‘Lake Country’ without the hassle of packaged tours or limitations of public transport. This outdoors haven has it all: boating, angling, hiking, cycling and horseback riding. Factor in the selection of cosy B&Bs and the historical importance of the entire region, and you’ll agree that this is a stretch of Irish countryside well worth exploring.

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The car hire depot in Cavan Town is found at Century Business Park, which is situated along Dublin Road close the intersection of the N55 and N3 motorways. Located a mere 2 km west of the town centre, the depot is easy to reach from local hotels. If you have any questions about car hire in Cavan, please do not hesitate to contact us at e Car Rental Ireland.

General Information about Cavan Town

Cavan has a rich and absorbing history. This was an important hub of druidic activity long before Catholicism arrived on the island. With that in mind, driving virtually any direction into the countryside reveals prehistoric stone circles and tombs. The area later became a stronghold of the O’Reilly Clan, the legacy of which continues in the local castle and the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey.

Cavan Town centre is awash with Georgian architecture, offset by several historic churches, the city’s iconic bell tower and a nationally famous crystal showroom. While there’s a great deal to see, do and enjoy here in Cavan, the city has yet to break out as a full-on tourist destination. With that in mind, this is a refreshingly laid-back place to spend a few days.  

As mentioned, outdoor activities reign supreme in Cavan—particularly angling. Depending on how you divvy up the loughs and lagoons, there are upwards of 365 lakes in this country. Needless to say, angling and boating are top pastimes in Cavan. 

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