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Dublin: An Introduction

Situated on the East Coast of Ireland in Dublin Bay on the Irish Sea, Dublin is the capital of Ireland. The River Liffey with flows through Dublin City Center originates in the Wicklow Mountains and is a very important as a drainage system.

The history of Dublin dates back 1000 years with the formation of Dubh Linn (Black Pool) by Vikings. Until the middle of the 17th Century Dublin remained a small town. During the 18th century Dublin grew rapidly as part of the Pale (a thin strip of land along the east coast of Ireland which was settled by England.) The great Georgian buildings are part of Dublin today were built during this period.

Economically Dublin has always been important with Ireland's largest port. Today Dublin is Ireland's largest commercial center. Among the most important industries are tourism and shopping.

Culturally, Dublin has always had strong traditions with many prominent literary figures having lived in Dublin. Among the most famous are William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw and Samuel Becket. The Abbey Theatre on Abbey Street in Dublin City Center was initially established by William Butler Yeats.

If you visit Dublin among the attractions you can expect to enjoy include: The Spire, The National Gallery of Ireland, Grafton Street, St. Stephens Green and many others.

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