Driving in Ireland

In previous years, tourists visiting Ireland might have been nervous about the Irish roads. These days are long gone, with a high quality road network connecting all major towns and cities. In particular, the roads between the major cities are almost uniformly of motorway standard.

Cars in Ireland drive on the left hand side of the road, and road safety is a hot topic and speeding and drink driving is simply not tolerated. It will not be uncommon for tourists driving around Ireland to come across vans positioned to catch motorists speeding in dangerous areas, or indeed the local police enforcing the speed limits in towns and cities. In Ireland, seat belts are mandatory as are child seats and booster cushions for children travelling as passengers. When collecting your car from e Car Rental, we will have available the necessary child safety seats if required.

To rent a car in Ireland, you will need a full Driver's License for at least 2 years without endorsement and a credit card in your own name. Most cars come with manual transmission, so if you require an automatic vehicle please make sure to book one well in advance.

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Speed limits in Ireland are noted in KM/h so be aware. In general Motorways are 120 km/h, a general road is 80 KM/h and a town is 50km/h. The use of mobile phones while driving is against the law, and is punishable by a fine. If you have any questions about driving in Ireland, please do not hesitate to contact e Car Rental Ireland by email.