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County Louth Information

County Louth is Ireland's smallest county at only 318 sq miles. The county is surrounded by Armagh, Cavan, Meath and Dublin, and is bordered on the East coast by the Irish Sea. The main geographic features include limestone as the underlying rock, and rich deep wells of fertile soil in cracks in the Limestone bed rock left by glaciers during the Ice Age.

The history of Louth mainly surrounds the historical town of Drogheda which is situated on the River Boyne. During the 1970s the oldest historical artefact ever found in Ireland was discovered near Drogheda. The artefact dated to the Palaeolithic times and was in a flint shape.

Other Points of Interest

- According to the Táin, Cuchuláinn defeated the armies of Ulster single handedly.
- The Normans took power in Louth during the 13th century and build Drogheda and Dundalk. The remains of Dundalk's old walls are still standing.
- Cromwell attacked Dundalk in 1649 and murdered 2600 people who lived in the town.

Estimated Population & Land Area.

The estimated population of Longford is 92,163 during the last census. The Land area of Longford is 318 sq miles.

Major Towns

- Carlingford
- Dundalk
- Lough
- Ardee
- Termonfeckin
- Drogheda

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