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County Longford Information

County Longford is located in the centre of Ireland and is totally landlocked. County Longford is surrounded by Roscommon, Cavan, Meath and Westmeath. The main geographical features of the County are dominated by the River Shannon and her lakes and tributaries. The River Shannon is Ireland's longest river and stretches over 224 miles. Bog lands also feature prominently in the geographical makeup of Longford.

One of the most interesting features of Longford's history is the discovery of an ancient track way, constructed with oak, which was found in the bog at Corlea. This track way is very important in regard to archaeology, and can be dated back to the Iron Age. An exhibition centre which focuses on the track way has now been built at Corlea.

Other Interesting Points

- Many stories regarding Irish myths are set in Longford
- The present county was established in 1547
- Longford saw some of the fiercest fighting during the 1798 rebellion
- Many in Longford died during the great famine of 1847.
- Many families emigrated to Argentina during the famine.

Estimated Population & Land Area.

The estimated population of Longford is 30,138 during the last census. The Land area of Longford is 402 sq miles.

Major Towns

- Drumlish
- Granard
- Longford
- Edgeworthstown
- Lanesboro
- Kenagh
- Ballymahon

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