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County Galway Information

County Galway is situated in the West of Ireland and is Ireland's second largest county with 2349 sq miles. County Galway is surrounded by the Counties of Mayo, Roscommon, Tipperary, Offaly and Clare. The main geographical features of Galway are the spectacular and weathered Atlantic coastline, Lough Corrib (Ireland's second largest lake) and the three Aran Islands, Inismor, Inismaan and Inisheer. The islands are situated in the mouth of Galway bay, and about 30 miles off the coastline. Legend has it that the islands were cast adrift when Galway bay, which was a lake, eroded its banks and left the Islands forever adrift in the Atlantic battling the waves.

History in the County dates back to 3000 BC. Stone monuments on the Aran Islands date back to 2000 BC. Among the most spectacular historical features in County Galway, and indeed in the country is Dun Aengusa, a stone fort situated on the edge of a cliff, and which dates back to around the time of Christ.

Other Points of Interest

- The population of Galway was decimated during the Great famines
- The name Galway is derived from "Abhainn na Gaillimhe" the Galway River.

Estimated Population & Land Area.

The estimated population of Galway is 188,896 at the last census. The Land area of Galway is 2349 sq miles.

Major Towns

- Clifden
- Tuam
- Galway
- Athenry
- Ballinasloe
- Loughrea
- Gort

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