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County Donegal Information

Donegal is Ireland's fourth largest county and is situated in the extreme North West of the country with a substantial coastline bordered by the Atlantic. Donegal's coastline has more beaches than any other county in Ireland, and the highest cliffs in Ireland (606 m above sea level). While it is part of Ulster, it belongs to the Republic of Ireland. County Donegal is bordered by the Counties of Derry, Tyrone, Fermanagh and Leitrim.

The mountains of Donegal, and its general inaccessibility has aided in Donegal keeping its celtic culture. Donegal has one of the few Gealtacht areas in Ireland. Cahir O'Donnell was the last chieftain in Ireland to be defeated in 1608.

Other Interesting Points

- Donegal is home to many historic sites including dolmens and 40 Bronze age Cairns
- Donegal is home to Glencolumkille monastery

Estimated Population and Land Area

The estimated population of Donegal at the last census was 129,435 and the land area is 1876 sq miles.

Major Towns

- Buncrana
- Letterkenny
- Dungloe
- Lifford
- Ballybofey
- Killybegs
- Donegal
- Ballyshannon

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