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County Armagh Information

Set in the North East of Ireland, Armagh is a totally inland county. It shares one of its borders with Lough Neagh, Ireland's largest lake. The rolling hills of Armagh is due to the geological formations left by Glaciers and is part of Irelands drumlin belt. County Armagh is surrounded by the Counties of Down, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Monaghan and Louth.

Navan Fort is situated 2 miles away from the city of Armagh, and evidence of life at the Fort can be dated back to 5500 BC. The Navan Fort was at its most important stage around 700 BC when it was home to the Kings of Ulster.

The County has a reputation as a religious county, and became the centre of Christianity in Ireland after the arrival of St Patrick between 1670 and 1690. Shortly after the turn of the first Millennium, the Church of Ireland was officially confirmed in Armagh by Brian Boru in 1005. During Medieval times Armagh was ruled by the O'Neils. The Orange order was founded in Armagh in 1795, and united disparate Portestant groups.

Other Points of Interest

- During the 18th century, the Church of Ireland Primate, Richard Robinson, use vast portions of his own personal wealth to transform the city of Armagh to Georgian Architecture.
- Many of Armagh's public building date to the time of Richard Robinson.

Estimated Population & Land Area

The estimated population of Armagh is 141,585 after the last census. The Land area of Armagh is 484 sq miles.

Major Towns

- Lurgan
- Craigavon
- Portadown
- Caledon
- Armagh
- Keady
- Crossmaglen

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