History & Culture - Corballis House Dublin Airport

When driving into Dublin Airport towards the car parking and drop down areas, a very early Georgian style Mansion sits beside the airport. It is out of place in contrast to the modern terminals ans multi storey car parks in the near vicinity. The name Corballis may mean "Cor Bhaile" or strange town.

The history of the building dates back beyond the 18th Century when it was occupied by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Thomas Wilkinson. Thomas Wilkinson later passed the building onto his son, who in turn passed it onto his son.

Since 1954 the building has been used by Aer Lingus (the national airline) as a training centre. Thanks to a conservation order the future of the building seems secure.

The proposed extension to Dublin Airport will mean that Corballis House will have to be relocated elsewhere which will involve a brick by brick removal of the house, and its rebuilding in another location.